Thinking Of Getting A New Animal? What Pet Supplies Do You Need?

February 15, 2016  

If a new animal friend is in your future, it’s important to know that you’ll need a few pet supplies before you bring your furried, feathered or finned friend home. Before you pick up your pet, make sure to research what kind of supplies are necessary to help them fit into your home.

Pet Supplies For Fish

People looking for lower maintenance pets can usually find what they’re looking for in fish. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t need pet supplies. You may choose a single bowl for one or two fish or get a little more involved with a full aquarium with UV sterilizer, pH conditioners and an air pump. No matter what type of setup you have, spruce up the space with a plastic plant or two and some colorful rocks.

What Do Birds Need?

If you chose a bird as a pet, you’ll need to start with a cage. Many people choose to include a swing or even a playstand with perches, ladders and swings. Some small playstands will fit inside a cage, but others are large enough for the bird to use outside of a cage. Although birds don’t need a lot of grooming, many do enjoy playing in a small birdbath.

Pet Supplies For Dogs

Dogs are some of the most popular pets and with good reason. They’re friendly, loyal and just fun to have around. Before you bring your puppy home, make sure that you have a few toys for your dog to play with, as well as a food and water dish. You’ll also want to get a collar or harness, along with an identification tag and a leash. Many puppies do come with an additional piece of identifying information called a microchip, but if yours doesn’t, consider getting one. A microchip is a very small computer chip (it’s about the size of a piece of rice) with your identifying information in case your dog ever gets lost.

Also, consider getting a crate for your new puppy. A crate is a safe place for your dog to sleep and retreat to when your house gets overwhelming and hectic. It’s also a great place for your dog if he or she is afraid of loud noises or storms, as well as a secure spot when you’re not home.

What Do Cats Need?

Like dogs, cats also require food and water dishes, identification tags, a collar and a few toys. Cats can also be microchipped, which is a big help if your new kitty will be an indoor/outdoor cat. Some people have had good luck with training their cat to use a human toilet, but if you’re not quite so ambitious, you’ll want to get a litter box and some kitty litter. The choices in litter boxes are nearly endless, with self-cleaning, covered and uncovered models.

No matter what type of animal you choose, you will need to purchase some pet supplies. Visit a store that specializes in finding the right items for your pets and you can help ensure that they’re taken care of, whether they’re finned, feathered or furry.