How to Remove Cat and Dog Urine Stains and Odor

March 16, 2016  

If you have a soft spot for pets like dogs or cats, it is good to maintain high levels of hygiene. There are many chemicals on the market which are used to clean where these pets live or rest. However, the most effective method is by use of a suitable enzyme cleaner. Enzymes help to break down the urine molecules thereby eliminating not only the urine stains, but also the odor. These enzymes are created by bacteria and since it takes a considerable time to have the molecules completely broken, you will be required to dampen these areas and allow some time for the process to complete.

The urine enzyme cleaner remains active as long as the area remains damp and when it dries up, the enzyme retreats into a dormant state. It is therefore important to ensure that the process is completed by allowing a long period of dampness. This is vital for complete removal of any kind of stains and odor in the dog kennels. You will also be required to ensure that the enzymes get into contact with all the urine molecules. In case the urine has spread to other areas, the enzyme solution should also be allowed to spread to those areas. It is good to understand that unless the enzymes get into contact with these molecules, nothing will happen to them – they will remain intact.

Some kennels have their floors covered with carpets; these too require high levels of hygiene considering that they absorb urine more than anything else. To keep them clean, you will definitely have to use a suitable carpet cleaner. The steam cleaner is made specifically for this purpose. It is used to clean the face fibers or top cover of the carpet. In case the urine has soaked into the pad or the floor beneath, it is likely that the steam cleaner may not be able to reach these parts unless you make the area completely soaked and allow some time for the solution to spread out before vacuuming it.

It is hard to know how far the urine has spread and therefore you will need to ensure that the cleaner for dog urine covers a bigger surface area. If the urine has soaked into other areas, you should also ensure that the enzyme solution spreads to those areas.

On the other hand, there are many chemicals used to clean cat urine. There are also cases of people using the same methods used to clean cat pee on urine. If you do this, you are bound to fail. Traditional methods will only worsen things. They make it even harder for the enzyme cleaners to work effectively. It is good to use a suitable enzyme cleaner for cat urine because typical household cleaners may not contain the right ingredients needed for the removal of all the cat urine components. When dealing with cat urine, it is important to understand its components which include urea, uric acid, urobilinogin or uroblin, sodium, creatinine, 5 different types of stains (bacteria), Pheromones and other electrolytes. All these chemical bonds can be easily broken down by enzymes.