What Is the Best Treatment for Fleas for Cats?

March 18, 2016  

Fleas are a big problem for all pet owners. Not only do they cause a lot of discomfort to our pets, they can become a big nuisance if left untreated. So it is important to ensure that our pets are protected against fleas. These days there are several types of products like oral, topical, collars, shampoos and rinses that are available from a vet or through websites selling cat supplies online which help to protect your pet against fleas. The most popular and effective amongst these are the oral treatments and topical or spot on treatment.

Fleas are small, flat bodied insects that feed on your pet’s blood. They are tough to kill and reproduce very quickly. They can cause itching and flea allergy dermatitis in some cats. As fleas are hosts to tapeworms, they may even lead to a tapeworm infection in your cat.

Most cats with fleas’ scratch a lot, but this may not always be the case. Therefore it is important that you brush your cat regularly and check his coat for fleas. If you find any fleas, flea dirt or flea eggs, it is important that you immediately start your cat on a flea treatment medication. Even if your cat does not have fleas, most vets recommend protecting your pet with the use of a spot on product. These products are easy to administer and effective for 30 days.

The most effective spot on products for treatment of fleas are Frontline for cats , Advocate, Advantage and Frontline Combo. All these products contain an insecticide that kill and repel fleas. Spot on treatments are easy to administer. To apply spot on flea treatment, part your cat’s fur to reveal the skin and squeeze the tube’s content. Ensure that you apply the entire contents of the tube and that it is applied on the skin, not on the fur. It is important that the medication is allowed to dry naturally and your pet does not lick it.

Capstar and Program are among the oral treatments most often recommended by vets. Capstar tablets are easy to administer and start working on fleas within 15 minutes of administration and are effective for 24 hours. They can be administered every day when fleas are seen on the pet. Program suspension is another popular product used to control and treat cats in case of a flea infestation.

Both oral and spot on products are effective in controlling and treating fleas however, it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For effective flea control it is advised that you weigh your cat before purchasing or administering the product. It is also important to keep in mind that not all cat products can be administered on kittens, pregnant or nursing cats so read the instructions before applying the product. Never administer dog flea control product to cats without consulting your vet as many of them are toxic to cats and can even cause death.