How to Travel Long Distances With a Pet

March 21, 2016  

Whether it’s time to go on vacation and you don’t want to leave your precious fur baby alone at home or board them at a kennel, or you are planning a long distance move across the country you may want to bring you pets with you.

It shouldn’t be a stressful situation and hopefully bringing your four-legged friend makes the trip even better because you get to share the time with him or her. To make the voyage an enjoyable one for your pooch or kitty cat, here are some tips for your trip.

Stop Frequently

Even though you can hold “it”, that doesn’t mean your pooch or kitty can. Stop every hour or couple of hours, so your pet can relieve himself. It will be nice to stretch all of your legs (yours and those of your pet) as well. Younger dogs may also start to get anxious and need to exercise occasionally. A tired dog in the car makes for a restful trip!

Have Water Available

Travel can make pets and humans dehydrated. Make sure to have a bowl of water available during the trip. You can buy a water bowl that doesn’t spill in the car, and have a regular bowl for when you stop for bathroom breaks.

Restrict Food Before and During Trip

Unless you want your car to smell like vomit the whole way to your destination, do not feed your pet before and during the trip. A small amount food is okay, but be careful if he or she has a tendency to get car sick.

Invest in Car Accessories

Many car accessories for dogs and cats are available which can help make the trip in a car more comfortable for your furry children. These items will ensure he or she stays safe as well.

Don’t Forget the Toys

Dogs and cats get bored just as children do in the car. Bring bones, cat toys, and other items your pet loves to play with at home. It will keep him or her occupied and help ease nervousness because it’s familiar.

Think Before Leaving Your Car

During the warmer summer months, don’t leave your pet in the car alone. Heat stroke is possible and happens very quickly when temperatures get too high. Animals are very sensitive to overheating.

Have a Fun Trip

With these tips, hopefully you and your fur baby will have a wonderful time on your trip. Just take it easy and enjoy this bonding time with your pet.