First Aid Pet Supplies to Have at Home

April 25, 2016  

Caring for a pet is much like having another child. We should know not only how to feed it, but also how to administer first aid in the event that the animal requires urgent medical attention, especially if your vet’s clinic is a long drive from your house. It’s crucial that, as a pet owner, you know exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to providing care if your pet is sick or gets injured.

Of course, you won’t be able to do much in providing first aid to your pet if you don’t have the appropriate supplies to help deal with the animal’s affliction. Following is a checklist of the basic first aid supplies you need to have at home:

Gauze – This has to be one of the most basic things you can have in your medicine cabinet. It is commonly used for dressing wounds. Gauze can be used not only to wrap wounds, but also for muzzling your injured pet.

Bandages and towels – Aside from controlling bleeding, bandages can also protect wounds from the onset of infection. When choosing bandages, go for the non-stick types as wounds can be more painful when those used for wrapping wounds stick to a cut, an abrasion, or other forms of superficial injuries.

Thermometer – If we need a thermometer to determine the temperature of our child when he or she has fever, we also need it to check our pet’s temperature. However, unlike with people, don’t insert the thermometer in your pet’s mouth. Get its temperature rectally instead. You should also get a ‘fever’ thermometer, as the regular kinds don’t go high enough for pets.

Hydrogen peroxide – This compound is used for various applications, and one of them is helping to induce vomiting from your pet in case it is poisoned. However, you should still err on the side of safety by consulting your vet before attempting to induce vomiting.

Muzzle – You can actually make use of several items as a muzzle, from ropes to neckties to soft cloths, especially during emergency situations where a muzzle is not available. Muzzling an animal is important during situations where it needs to be restrained to prevent it from biting or barking. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you must not muzzle the animal if it’s vomiting.

These are just some of the supplies you need to have at home that will come in handy during pet emergencies. It is very important that you immediately get the help of a professional in case you have no knowledge of how to administer proper first aid.