Finding Animal Events To Attend

July 18, 2016  

Go to any town or city around the world and you will find animal lovers, people who own pets or are involved in animal rescue, rehabilitation or social enjoyment opportunities with other pet owners. From columns in magazines to regular features in newspapers, it seems that people who value and enjoy animals are everywhere. These animal lovers often seek out other people with similar values to share their interest and concern. They simply enjoy being with other like-minded people to talk about animal antics, and the contribution animals make to their lives and families.

I have found that many animal lovers are frustrated to learn of animal related events and news after they have occurred because they were simply not in the right place at the right time to hear about it. It seems that unless people are on the right email list, Twitter feed or Facebook page or standing in front of a physical noticeboard at the right time, there is no consistent or cohesive way of learning about animal related events and news stories. For vets or small organisations, they may not have any presence on Facebook or a website, instead promoting their events on their own or community noticeboards. Word of mouth is traditionally a way of letting people know about events but this limits potential attendees to those within the vicinity of the event. Now animal organisations and vets can feel more confident that when they create events, their time will not be wasted since promotion will be wider with the increased likelihood of people attending.

Smart phone technology has come to the rescue to solve this problem giving animal lovers quick and easy access to information about animal related news and events, not only in one’s local area but also nationally or globally. Suddenly the market of potential attendees, contributors and people responding to live and online campaigns, is enhanced.

Everyone, it seems, checks their phone as much as an animal lover checks the welfare of their pets. Thus, smartphone technology offers a real opportunity to bring together animal lovers, advocates and organisations in one place – the smartphone. What better way to connect with like-minded others about everything that is animal. With new communication methods, there is real hope that the message of animal welfare will extend beyond those animal lovers who see the beauty of their pets, to all animals we share this planet with.