Are Pet’s More Psychic Than We Are?

July 29, 2016  

Pets have been observed to know when their owners are coming home, humans can sense when loved ones are coming home as well, but it seems that pets are better at doing this. Pet’s have a less developed nervous systems compared to humans, forcing them to rely more on their psychic awareness (aka. Extrasensory Perception or Sixth Sense). This dependency exercises their psychic awareness, making it stronger over time. This is similar to how a muscle is strengthened with exercise. You can exercises your psychic awareness muscles as well, which is a major focus of the Psychic Anatomy Exercises (discussed below).

Let’s take a closer look at how a pet become aware of their owner coming home. When someone sets their attention on coming home, they project psychic energies (aka. energies of their psyche/consciousness, qi/chi, prana, ki, etc) to their home that their pet, or loved one, can sense.

Pets have also been observed to find their owners over great distances. This is a psychic awareness skill as well. They have the intent of finding their owners, which projects psychic energies associated with that intent. When they intend to move in a direction, they will get a positive or negative feedback, depending if their intentions takes them in the right direction or not.

Essentially, pet’s, and animals in general, have the same or less psychic potential as humans do, but since they rely on it more, it gets more exercise and becomes stronger than the average human’s, but not all humans. Some people have very well-developed awareness, such as Psychics. These people usually come from a family line of people with well-developed awareness. Maybe there is a psychic gene?

The science of becoming more psychic is getting fairly well-developed. The first step is to exercise it. Trying to get a sense for the outcome of a decision before making it is a good exercise. For example, sensing who is calling or at your door before answering. Another example is trying to get a sense if now is a good time to visit or call someone.

There are many psychic and spiritual practices that aim at developing psychic awareness, as well as other skills, such as being connecting to your soul and God, Energy Healing-Empowerment, manifesting and more. Learning to develop these skills is on the frontline of human evolution. Imagine the time and money you could save by gaining psychic insights in the decisions you make everyday!

The core concept of Psychic Anatomy Exercises is to enter a meditative stateand focus your attention on your psychic anatomy (ex. aura, chakras, koshas, light bodies, meridians, nadis, hara and more) in sequences, while using one of several techniques to help enhance their health and performance individually, and collectively. Since your psychic anatomy gives you your psychic awareness, Psychic Anatomy Exercises enhance your psychic awareness, as well as similar skills.