Why You Should Choose a Pet Memorial Urn

August 30, 2016  

Pets are members of the family, and it can be hard on everyone when a beloved dog, cat or other animal dies. While some families choose to bury their deceased pets, others choose to keep them close at home in memorial urns. The decision to bury or cremate a pet can be a hard one to make, but there are many advantages to cremation.

Keep the Pet Close By

A pet’s death may make you feel as though you have lost a close friend, and a burial may be too difficult for you to do. In this case, cremation will allow you to keep your pet nearby for years to come. This may give you comfort and peace, and it will allow you to fondly remember your pet each time you see the urn.

Less Expensive

If you choose to bury your pet, you will need to pay a pet cemetery for a plot, as well as a casket, marker and maintenance. These fees can add up, and you may need to continue paying the company for several years. However, cremation is a much more affordable option. Not only will you be able to honor your pet with a lovely memorial urn, but you will also be able to gaze upon it frequently as you remember your times together.


There are many different urns that you can choose from when you decide to store your pet’s remains. You can choose urns that are made of brass, wood, ceramic, porcelain, stone and resin. This allows you to find the perfect urn that fits your pet’s personality and your budget. You can even find urns in different shapes, such as fire hydrants and balls, as well as those with beautiful artwork. There are also urns that have frames that will allow you to display your favorite picture of your pet.

Lovely Memories

A memorial urn allows you to fondly remember your pet each time you walk by it. If your pet is buried in another part of the city, you may get frustrated with how little you can go and pay your respects. If your pet stays in your home, then you can honor him every time you walk by the urn. This will be a big comfort to you and will allow you to remember your pet as you move forward with your life.

Losing a pet is difficult, but a pet memorial urn can help you smile about your memories as you cope with your grief.