Healthy Dog Treats You Already Have in Your Kitchen

September 18, 2016  

Dogs love treats! We love to give our dogs special treats as a token of our love & affection, or as a reward during training sessions. For the most part, we’ve had two options; purchase packaged dog treats from the pet store or give our dog table food as treats.

Packaged treats from the pet store can get expensive. In addition, they usually contain ingredients we may not want our dogs to have too much of, and some ingredients that sound downright scary. Things like Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, phosphoric acid, sugar, salt and Starch are all things most of us don’t want our dogs to eat. Even so-called healthy dog treats contain ingredients like these.

As far as table food goes, most foods are unhealthy at best and many are actually toxic to dogs. Chocolate tops the list of foods that are harmful to dogs. Others include onion, garlic, grapes & raisins, macadamia nuts and alcohol. Even if you are conscientious about not feeding your dog these foods directly, prepared foods may contain them. Foods like stuffing, muffins, cookies, dips, chips, sauces & gravies and other foods may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs. I used to boil plain chicken, liver or beef for my dogs to use as treats but with a busy schedule, that got old fast. In addition, too much meat isn’t good for them.

I realized that if I wanted to reduce my use of packaged dog treats and not have to boil chicken and meat for my dogs on a constant basis, I needed to find another option. After some research I learned that many fruits and vegetables are healthy for dogs and that dogs actually love the taste. Most people already have on hand a myriad of healthy snacks their dogs would love. Not only are the foods below safe and healthy for dogs, but most dogs find them delicious. Try a few of these healthy treats to see which ones your dog takes a liking to. I bet you’ll be surprised.

    BananasApplesSweet PotatoPumpkinCarrotsSnap peasPineappleBroccoliOrganic ApplesauceOrganic Peanut ButterNonfat yogurt

My Siberian Husky, Isis, absolutely loves sweet potato and pumpkin! My little dog, Phoebe, prefers carrots and bananas. When I top them with a bit of organic applesauce or peanut butter, they are in doggie heaven! I usually have many of these foods in my kitchen at any given time, and I can feel good about giving my cherished Fur-kids healthy, delicious treats.