Cleaning Your Pet’s Urine Has Never Been This Easy

October 16, 2016  

Opting for carpet over other flooring alternative comes with it benefits. However, keeping the carpet clean is something you cannot avoid. Urine odor from pets can give the most beautiful home bad image. Visiting friends and family may find the smell very offensive, but thanks to carpet cleaner that is designed for this particular purpose, cleaning your pet’s urine no longer have to be such a hassle.

Finding the Right Cleaning Product

The market is full of many different cleaning products which may leave you confused on which one to choose. Fortunately, finding the ideal cleaner is not as difficult as you may think. There are stains which are difficult to get rid of. This is where enzyme cleaner comes in handy. Cleaning agents that contain an enzyme helps to remove stubborn stains such as grass, blood or urine with ease. Actually, the best way to eliminate pet stains and odor is by using an enzyme based cleaner. These products are known to simultaneously treat odors and stains on different types of surfaces such as pet beds, carpets, car interiors and even floors. For effective use, go through the label so as to find out which surfaces the enzymatic product treats and follow instructions to the letter.

How the Product Works

There is nothing more annoying, like the smell of ammonia on your carpet. Urine stains and odors are challenging to remove because of the uric acid crystals present in the urine. Traditional products that consist of soap and harsh chemicals fail to work because they are not able to break down the uric acid crystals. The urine enzyme cleaner is the only product that can give you successful results. This is because it contains the right combination of enzymes and other effective ingredients designed to eliminate the bacteria in the urine by destroying the uric acid crystals.

How Much Of the Cleaning Product Do You Need To Use?

The volume of the enzymatic cleaner will depend on the amount of urine responsible for creating the stain. The urine enzymatic cleaner works better when the right quantity is applied. To avoid leaving behind some trace of uric acid crystals make sure the cleaning agent extends beyond the edges of the urine stain.

Why Enzymatic Cleaners

Your dog’s urine compromises of bacteria, nitrogen, ammonia, uric acid and hormones. It is the uric acid that leaves behind the awful odor even after you have cleaned up the mess. Since dog’s urine is ten times stronger than humans, it is important you eliminate all traces of urine odor using an enzyme cleaner for dog urine. Note that failure to do so may influence your dog to go back to the same spot to do it again.

If you notice your cat has urinated on the carpet or on any other place outside its litter box, clean it up as soon as you can. Avoid using steam cleaners since intense heat can make the odors to settle in the fibers of the carpet. The best way to battle with cat urine stains and odors is by using an enzyme cleaner for cat urine. This enzymatic cleaner contains cultures that literally chew the urine, leaving the surface not only germ free but smell free too.