What To Do With Your Pet While On Vacation

November 20, 2016  

We all love our pets, and although we may want to, many times we are unable to take them with us when we go on vacation. Whether it is a day trip, weekend getaway or a couple weeks away from the hectic work life, it’s important to find someone to take care of your pet. You have many options as to where to leave these friendly pets.

The easiest way to have your pets taken care of is to ask a friend or family member to help you out while you are away. This can be done either by your friend of family member taking your pet into their own home, or by having the person helping you out to “house sit” for you. If your friends or family want to take the dog into their home, there are a few things to keep in mind. One- make sure that they do not have pets that yours may have trouble getting along with. Two- do they have children or house guests that may have issues with one or more of your pets? And three – is their home suitable for your pet’s size and personality.

House Sitting comes with a whole other agenda. This in most cases this entails boarding at your home, some small chores including watering any plants, keeping the house tidy and the typical care for your pets that is needed. House sitting typically takes place if your pets are hard to transport or act out when in unfamiliar settings. If your pet needs little attention, such as a fish or a turtle, you typically have someone drop in once or twice a day to take care of any needs they may have such as feeding or tank cleaning etc.

If you do not have confidence or the resources to leave your beloved pets with friends or family, it may be easier for you to leave them with trained professionals at a Kennel or Dog Boarding facility. Although you will want to do your research as there are many different types and you want to make sure you have found exactly what you want for your furry friend.

The first type of place you may find is a home boarding or pet daycare. This is where someone has opened up their home to be a full time pet sitter. In many cases there are several other pets and each home typically specializes in one animal type. It’s hard to know who the other pets are, so it’s the luck of the draw if yours gets along with the others. These caring homes typically have much lower numbers than kennels or larger boarding facilities. Don’t be confused, there are differences between kennels and dog boarding.

Kennels are known to be in their own facility or sometimes within a veterinarian hospital or clinic. This type of facility has a larger number of pets and typically keeps each animal in its own cage for the main duration of their stay. Although the care keepers can be trained and knowledgeable, often times there may be several staff looking after your pets throughout their stay.

Boarding facilities, usually dog boarding facilities, are known to be more structured when it comes to staff. Your pets typically have the same care givers throughout their stay. Any lodging is typically in larger spaces and in most cases; each individual dog is not isolated by themselves. The dogs are kept with each other to limit stress and isolation. Most of the time of your dogs stay is spent with other dogs, exercising in larger areas and being pampered by staff. Another good thing about dog boarding is that most facilities allow you to bring your dog before the day of its stay, to allow it to get to know some of the other dogs and see how your furry friend reacts to the buildings, dogs and staff. If you have custom food or dietary concerns, most dog boarding facilities cater to your needs and desires.