Make or Buy a Pet Urine Enzyme Cleaner That Works

December 21, 2016  

You enter your home and ugh! Max or Kitty has been at it again. You spent all those hours on potty training your pet dog or cat but to no avail. The stench of urine as you open the door of your house is overpowering, making you gag. This is not an uncommon scenario for anyone that has a pet at home. The poor animals simply don’t get it sometimes. But don’t worry… there are simple ways to remove the stench and odor or dog or cat urine. You don’t even need too much of elbow greasing. An enzyme cleaner is all that you need.

Cleaning your carpet
If your pet has urinated on the floor or on a solid surface (against the sofa, perhaps), it is much easier to clean. All you need is a fragrant detergent solution to clean the surface and deodorize the area. But what if your carpet has been soiled? You cannot use the same detergent for cleaning it… The carpet will be ruined. Using a carpet cleaner is a great solution. But since we are talking about pet urine here, you are better off using a specialized urine enzyme cleaner.

Homemade cleaner
Making your citrus enzyme cleaner for dog urine is simple. Get started by putting 7ml of brown sugar into a 2 liter empty bottle. Cut and wash orange and lemon peel into small pieces and add about a cup and a half into the bottle. Fill the bottle with water and shake it vigorously. Loosen the cap so that the gas can escape. Now let it be for 3 months and your cleaner is ready for use. To use the cleaner, use a strainer to separate the clear liquid. You can add it to water to make a perfect enzyme cleaner for cat urine (or dog urine depending on your pet).

Readymade products
You may not want to make your enzyme cleaner at home. It is possible to buy an industrially manufactured urine enzyme cleaner. There are various products available in this category. While most of these products are similar, there is one point that you should note before you buy. The enzyme cleaner for dog urine you plan to buy should be certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). CRI certification means the product is safe to be used on your carpet. You will, of course, buy something that is pet and kid safe.

Cleaning technique
You may use the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine, but you need to know the cleaning process. Vigorous rubbing with even the best enzyme cleaner can ruin your precious carpet. Now you don’t want that to happen, do you? With the best cleaner you don’t need vigorous rubbing. Simple blotting and soft rubbing should do.

It is not difficult to clean pet urine from your carpet and deodorize it. Use the best cleaning enzyme cleaner (homemade or commercial) and make sure you follow the cleaning instructions. And please don’t go after the poor animal. Pets are, after all, as innocent as children are.