Is Natural Treatment for Kennel Cough Right for Your Pet?

January 3, 2017  

There has been much discussion on the causes and origins of Kennel Cough. Some believe it is caused by a virus while others believe it is caused by a bacteria known as Biordatella Bronchiseptica. This sickness primarily affects the trachea, causing minor irritation that leads to a loud, hacking cough that is the primary symptom of kennel cough diagnosis.

It can get worrisome at times and finding a quick and effective treatment can become an all-encompassing concern for the poor dog owner. Yet, there is no need to be overly concerned.

Let’s get a few things clear about Kennel Cough;

    It’s very contagious, and can easily be spread among pets who are in close proximity with the sick dog.
    This disease affects dogs of all ages. Breed does not play a factor but if the individual pet’s immune system condition is weak, it may increase their risk of contracting kennel cough.
    The only sure way to have peace in your home is only through having your dog receive a treatment so that you and the rest of your family can have peace.

Most will turn to home remedies when it comes to the treatments for kennel cough. There has been is some controversy on the effectiveness of these remedies such as which treatment will work best.

However, doing a small amount of research as to which treatment is suitable may give you all the details you need to apply these homeopathic and natural remedies yourself, protecting your dog’s overall health in the long-term.

Please note that even when you’re successful in applying the home remedies, the use of an antibiotic may still be necessary to prevent any long-term effect. The reason being if the sickness has been unattended for a period, there may be a possible infection that needs to be treated by an anti-inflammatory medication to relieve any pain your dog is experiencing until the infection is cleared.

In addition to the home remedies, consider also getting an additional immunity boosters for your dogs.

It is important thing to remember that when using homeopathic remedies, ensure that they do not negate any other medications you’ve given to your pet earlier. There are arguments that kennel cough treatment given by vets or other health organizations actually make it worse and increase the severity of the dog’s sickness.

However, do realize that if you’ve given your pet a different medications and that it’s immune system is already weakened, some of the treatments provided may leave a negative effect on your pet. Therefore, consult your vet first and stick to one type of treatment first before deciding on the other.

Finally, If you’re considering the use of traditional kennel cough tablets as a home remedy, you might want to look for alternative treatment. These tablets are chemical-based and may actually do more harm than good to your pet. Better use a chemical-free or other natural herbs as alternatives.

This alone, may be a good reason to use home remedies for kennel cough in addition to paying closer attention to other different medications, foods, and treatments that you regularly provide to your dog.