How To Find The Best Pet Hotel

January 8, 2017  

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and with that comes the important job of rounding up lodging options for your family. If you are traveling with pets that will also mean a tricky job that will inquire foresight and careful planning. But, have no fear as we have put together a handful of tips to help you out.

How To Find Pet Friendly Hotels
You can find information regarding pet friendly hotels by doing a quick search online. Compare prices and locations with the ease of online search engines. Once you have narrowed your search down to your top three picks, call each hotel to request additional information before making your final decision. You could also call friends and family for their input on pet hotels in the area you will be traveling too.

Things To Consider Before Booking
Before you book a room, be sure to study the rules and policies regarding pets. Some hotel chains will allow your pet to roam free in your room. While other chains only allow pets if they are in their crates at all time. It is important for you to consider which options will be best for your pet. Take into consideration the size of the hotel room, whether they have local trails nearby, etc. Staying in cramped quarters could wreck havoc on you and your pet. So take the extra time now to investigate the best possible options. That way you will all enjoy every aspect of vacation.

Read Customer Reviews Regarding Pet Care
Another way to check whether or not a hotel is truly pet friendly, is to read what other customers have to say. This will give you a brief insight on how their pets were treated and what to expect upon your arrival. This is a great way to insure finding the best options in the market.

What A Pet Friendly Hotel Should Look Like
A hotel that is pet friendly will provide courteous staff that is not afraid to look after your pet. They will provide ample space for pet carriers, additional dog food if needed, and more. It is also best to find a pet friendly hotel that includes treats through out the day. Some hotel chains will even offer trained professional to provide care so that you can enjoy a night out with your pet safely tucked away.

With this information you should be fully prepared to being making excellent decisions regarding overnight stays with pets in tow.