How to Choose a Kennel for Your Dog

December 18, 2015  

If you are going on a vacation or a business trip and you don’t have anyone to look after your dog then you will need to find a good kennel. Our dogs often feel like they are a part of the family, therefore you will want to ensure that they are left in a kennel that will be able to give them the time and care that they deserve. This article provides some top tips on how to choose the best kennels for your dog.

Sleeping Areas

The first thing you will want to do is to check the area that your dog will be sleeping in. Always make sure that the room is large enough for them to freely walk about, and that is is kept clean. The room should be a good temperature, and there should be a form of heating if the weather is particularly cold.


Ask the kennel owners what the exercise schedule for your dog will be. Always make sure that your dog will have a large outdoor area to play in. The area should be covered in grass and have shade for your dog to stay cool under. Also ask what hours your dog will have access to these areas so you know that they will be getting enough exercise and have adequate time to play with the other dogs.


Always check what the feeding schedule is, and ask what type of food is going to be feed to your dog. As there will be many other dogs staying in the kennels they will often feed all the dogs the same type of food at the same time in the day. Some kennels will be able to accommodate special dietary requirements.


Check that the kennels have a strict policy when it comes to vaccinations. They should require that all dogs have the vaccinations that are set by law in the country or state that you live in. They will often need to see the original vaccination certificates as proof. Kennels will also require that your dogs have been fully treated with a flea and tick products. All kennels should also have quick access to a qualified vet in the event of an emergency.

Other Dogs

If your dog is going to be playing in a shared play space with other dogs then it is a good idea to check what the kennels policy is with accepting dogs. Many kennels will refuse to look after dogs who have aggressive natures.

Where to Find a Kennel

The best place to search for a kennel is online. All reputable kennels will have a website which will display images and descriptions of the services that they offer along with their contact details. Always ask plenty of questions to make sure that you are choosing the right kennels for your pet. When you go to drop off your pet have a look at the living and playing spaces to check that they are kept clean and that they reflect the photos on their website.