Pet Food Problems

October 16, 2015  

There are a lot of brands of food for dogs or cats.

So there is enough to choose from, you would think.

But if you look closely at, let us say, cat food meat, you will find that every brand has about four to five flavors. The problem is they all have the same flavors, so there is not that much choice really.

And most cats have one or two kinds they really won’t eat, which leaves only about three flavors.

That does not give the variety that cats want and need.

There is another big problem: almost every cat I know has kidney problems.

Some vets think they get it from the food. The food we buy as “very good for your pet”.

After about three, sometimes less, years, you find out that your cat has a kidney disease of malfunction. Then the vet tells you that from then on your cat can only have special diet food, especially made for these cats.

This food is a lot more expensive than the normal cat food. It is produced by the same manufacturers, that produce the other “good” cat food…

A lot of dogs get diarrhea from a lot of the dog food products. So for dog food also we need some improvements.

There are so many companies competing in the pet food market.

I have a great idea for them: If you manufacture food that prevents cats getting kidney problems, and diet food for cats that already have the disease, for a reasonable price and please, with much more variety, I am sure it will sell very well.

If a company would get known as a company that really cares about the health and wellbeing of animals, they soon would be very successful.

Another business opportunity:

Many of us frustrated pet owners are looking for the possibility of making pet food, really healthy and tasty food, ourselves.

So recipe books for cat food and for dog food could sell very well. I know I am looking for those for many years now.

I am living in Europe, so it is possible that some things are available in the USA, or that some diseases are less common there.

Let me tell you a “secret”: Europe is a big market too, and growing fast, because more countries will be joining us.

I love my dog and cats, and I really need good (diet) food, with a lot more variety, for them.

Please help!