What To Do With The Ashes Of Your Loved One

January 13, 2016  

For a great number of people, the idea of being cremated seems far superior to the idea of being buried in the ground, as being cremated is less expensive (heck, it’s still expensive – but at least not as expensive as the cost of a coffin, a burial plot, a big funeral, and so on), and as being cremated would allow your body to rest in a lot more places than simply in the ground; one of the problems many people face after having had a loved one’s body cremated, however, is what on Earth they are supposed to do with those ashes once they are presented. No matter whether the loved one in question is a family member, a spouse, or even a beloved pet, one thing that must be decided is what can be done with these ashes – and so, here is a look at three great ideas to keep in mind.

1) Display them: The old standby for “what to do with ashes” is, of course, to find a way to display them – but for many people, an urn seems too commonplace, and does not quite do justice to the memory of the person or pet in question; if this is the way you feel, another idea is to have something custom made for holding and displaying the ashes – such as an engraved case or chest that will add an austere elegance to the decor of any room while also honoring the deceased.

2) Scatter them: Of course, the other standby for “what to do with ashes” is to scatter them – taking them to a favorite place that the person or pet in question particularly enjoyed, and then letting the wind to take the ashes from there; this is always a great way to go – but you should also realize there are variations of this option to keep in mind as well. For instance, if you have a hunting dog that you recently lost, The Departing Shot can put the ashes into shotgun shells, after which you can fire these shells out over that dog’s favorite hunting grounds – which is definitely an awesome way to pay tribute to a loyal friend.

3) Keep them with you: And one of the best ways to honor the memory of the deceased – and, in fact, one of the ways very few people think about – is to keep some of the ashes on your person; for instance, you could get a custom-made, glass-blown pendant made, inside of which a sprinkling of the ashes can be kept in order for you to wear them with you wherever you go.

Losing a loved one of any sort is always a difficult experience – but this difficult experience can be made easier when you are able to feel comfortable in the fact that you have done them a great service in the manner in which you are remembering them, so keep these ideas in mind, and when the time comes, you will know exactly what to do.